Some ideas from Dorit Kedar

Alcune idee per il Festival Nazionale delle Culture da parte di Dr. Dorit Kedar
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We actually see only what we know: our senses are channeled according to our beliefs, geopolitical and cultural context, social and economic habits…

So as to perceive Reality, we have to gradually cultivate and exercise the spirit of continuously becoming.

To learn the Spirit of Becoming, we need to give up our automatic tendency to define, categorize look for an illusory gestalt or a false idea of wholeness.

We should attempt to comprehend sense and apply the Laws of natural phenomena.

The two basic laws are   inter-connectedness and reverberation (the butterfly wing clap effect) of everything and everyone within space and time ad infinitum.

The laws of natural phenomena are mostly based on two seemingly contrary aspects: Participation in the universal flux which constitutes the common ground and acknowledgement of the distinctiveness, particularity, non-repetitive and one time characteristics of each living phenomenon.

 Cultivation of both participation (sharing) on one part and acknowledgement of distinctiveness on the other part require a refined attitude.

The refined attitude may be compared to an alchemical transformation: We have to gradually abolish instinctive judgmental reactions, hierarchic fixations and personal static preferences.

The alchemical process is gradually enhanced by eradicating absolute truths in all disciplines. Instead we may suggest following the life-force of adventure, playfulness and revelations.

The Life force (Manna) of adventure, playfulness and revelations may grow where there is no egocentrism, self-importance or unnecessary vanity.